1. Coronavirus 🦠 in Russia


Coronavirus in Russia today – latest statistics and news of in Russia

  • Cases 405,843+9268
  • Deaths 4693+138
  • Recovered 171,883+4414
  • Critical 2300
  • Active cases 229,267+4716
  • Tests 10,643,124+326924
  • Mortality 1.16%about 12 people per 1000 infected
* according to 31.05.2020 14:15

In Russia there are 6.53%, 405,843 people, of all the tested coronavirus cases in the world. Of these 2300 people were in serious or critical condition, 4693 deaths, 171,883 recovered, according to the latest data, 229,267 people are ill

According to May 31, 2020, a total of 6,210,877 people were infected in the world, 2,770,529 recovered, 372,103 died, 3,068,245 people are now ill

How many cases coronavirus in Russia

The graph shows the stats of patients with coronavirus in the region, you can follow the daily changes, including deaths and recoveries. Remember that some countries provide data for yesterday, that is, the chart will not show cases on this day, but for the previous one. The yellow line shows current patients in Russia, this is an important parameter to determine whether the disease is on the decline or vice versa

in 5.5 timesin Russia ⇣ lower mortality, then in other countries
12 peopleon average die in Russia per 1000 infected.
In other countries, 63 people

Coronavirus statistics by region and city of

The table shows the changes and data for May 31, 2020 compared to the previous day when the information was received.

RegionCasesDeathsMortalityRecoveredActive cases
2Moscow region38,995+757+2%449+25+6%1.15%8091+371+5%30,455+361
3St. Petersburg15,949+369+2%204+13+7%1.28%5680+307+6%10,065+49
4Nizhny Novgorod Region9834+301+3%98+5+5%1%3693+56+2%6043+240
5Sverdlovsk region5449+265+5%27+1+4%0.5%2173+31+1%3249+233
7Rostov region4758+178+4%380.8%1717+45+3%3003+133
8Krasnoyarsk region4249+128+3%390.92%894+7+1%3316+121
9Kaluga region3923+89+2%310.79%1494+25+2%2398+64
10Tula region3855+104+3%360.93%1803+24+1%2016+80
11Krasnodar region3824+80+2%32+1+3%0.84%2711+75+3%1081+4
12Bryansk region3685+107+3%310.84%2217+108+5%1437-1
13Ryazan Oblast3508+76+2%70.2%956+11+1%2545+65
15Murmansk region3222+41+1%70.22%2072+38+2%1143+3
16Republic of Tatarstan3194+52+2%100.31%2616+31+1%568+21
17Yaroslavskaya oblast3132+77+3%140.45%756+5+1%2362+72
18Saratov region3078+142+5%341.1%1153+35+3%1891+107
19Volgograd region3026+158+6%19+1+6%0.63%1023+42+4%1984+115
20Kursk region3000+78+3%13+3+30%0.43%1388+49+4%1599+26
21Tambov Region2983+67+2%70.23%1133+45+4%1843+22
22North Ossetia2957+50+2%461.56%1952+34+2%959+16
25Leningrad region2822+54+2%110.39%1561+48+3%1250+6
26Novosibirsk region2809+104+4%321.14%1119+30+3%1658+74
27Chelyabinsk region2795+136+5%160.57%1258+78+7%1521+58
28Vladimir region2676+59+2%210.78%732+47+7%1923+12
29Samara Region2612+85+3%200.77%1025+77+8%1567+8
30Stavropol region2485+81+3%461.85%1067+25+2%1372+56
31Ulyanovsk region2466+97+4%80.32%713+13+2%1745+84
32Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug2436+136+6%180.74%782+30+4%1636+106
33Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug2375+65+3%90.38%975+22+2%1391+43
34Penza region2332+87+4%190.81%1827+66+4%486+21
35Belgorod region2310+87+4%19+1+6%0.82%910+34+4%1381+52
36Oryol Region2300+75+3%25+1+4%1.09%1152+15+1%1123+59
37Smolensk region2207+88+4%36+2+6%1.63%772+39+5%1399+47
38Lipetsk region2123+75+4%6+1+20%0.28%718+3+0.42%1399+71
40Khabarovsk region2081+63+3%110.53%1002+44+5%1068+19
41Voronezh region2028+82+4%150.74%1419+6+0.42%594+76
42Primorsky Krai1995+52+3%190.95%1075+28+3%901+24
43Ivanovo region1977+77+4%180.91%7831176+77
44Arhangelsk region1933+137+8%50.26%5871341+137
46Orenburg region1925+54+3%60.31%1196723+54
48Altai region1848+69+4%120.65%787+20+3%1049+49
49Mari El1774+41+2%130.73%1370+12+1%391+29
50Astrakhan region1752+59+3%150.86%920+21+2%817+38
51Irkutsk region1750+90+5%110.63%331+15+5%1408+75
52Perm region1713+57+3%201.17%1053+11+1%640+46
53Kirov region1683+54+3%17+2+13%1.01%978+28+3%688+24
54Tyumen region1638+30+2%80.49%812+22+3%818+8
55Tver region1604+44+3%221.37%1083+4+0.37%499+40
56Kaliningrad region1508+48+3%241.59%630+1+0.16%854+47
58Omsk region1387+69+5%181.3%349+9+3%1020+60
59Komi Republic1322+29+2%24+1+4%1.82%704+19+3%594+9
60Novgorod region1281+51+4%80.62%388885+51
61Chechen Republic1227+18+1%131.06%828+3+0.36%386+15
62Zabaykalsky Krai1097+45+4%20+1+5%1.82%538+25+5%539+19
64Tyva Republic1055+58+6%20.19%91962+58
67Vologda Region929+47+5%70.75%348+16+5%574+31
69Kamchatka Krai849+44+5%80.94%259+2+1%582+42
70Pskov region824+59+8%101.21%340+8+2%474+51
71Kostroma region758+39+5%101.32%395+7+2%353+32
72Tomsk region688+21+3%111.6%323+16+5%354+5
74Kemerovo region520+25+5%71.35%240+12+5%273+13
75Amur region506+20+4%50.99%163+2+1%338+18
78Jewish Autonomous Region309+10+3%30.97%198108+10
79Magadan Region243+5+2%31.23%186+3+2%54+2
80Kurgan region231+13+6%115+10+10%116+3
82Altai Republic122+6+5%7151+6
83Sakhalin Oblast115+14+14%5362+14
85Nenets Autonomous Okrug72+1+1%1260+1
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* "0" or "-" may mean that no data

How many people became infected, recovered, and died in Russia from a coronavirus by day

In this chart, you can track the changes by day. Values are shown either that occurred on that day, or sent on that day from the previous one. More detailed numbers can be seen in the table below.

Statistics in the table on infected in Russia by days

This table shows the dynamics of active infections, the decline and decrease daily. It should be borne in mind that the numbers indicated by day do not always mean what happened on that day, it only shows confirmed values on this date, and the event itself could be yesterday or even earlier. The columns indicate the total number of cases since the statistics were taken, plus changes with past data.

DateCasesDeathsRecoveredActive casesTests
May 31, 2020405,843+9268+2%4693+138+3%171,883+4414+3%229,267+471610,643,124+326924
May 30, 2020396,575+8952+2%4555+181+4%167,469+8212+5%224,551+55910,316,200+316139
May 29, 2020387,623+8572+2%4374+232+6%159,257+8264+5%223,992+7610,000,061+298781
May 28, 2020379,051+8371+2%4142+174+4%150,993+8785+6%223,916-5889,701,280+285288
May 27, 2020370,680+8338+2%3968+161+4%142,208+11079+8%224,504-29029,415,992+255402
May 26, 2020362,342+8915+3%3807+174+5%131,129+12331+10%227,406-35909,160,590+215206
May 25, 2020353,427+8946+3%3633+92+3%118,798+5499+5%230,996+33558,945,384+260079
May 24, 2020344,481+8599+3%3541+153+5%113,299+5363+5%227,641+30838,685,305+282558
May 23, 2020335,882+9434+3%3388+139+4%107,936+8111+8%224,558+11848,402,747+276121
May 22, 2020326,448+8894+3%3249+150+5%99,825+7144+8%223,374+16008,126,626+285746
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* "0" or "-" may mean that no data

The dynamics of recoveries and deaths from coronavirus in Russia by days

Russia and other countries in compared to May 31, 2020

Coronavirus is the hardest test for the whole world. He appeared in China in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province in December 2019. But in February 2020, China said that the virus was almost defeated on the territory of the country, at the time the sick people were declared sick, there were more than 80,000 people who were infected all the time, who were tested.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a pandemic worldwide, and on March 13 announced that Europe has become a center of coronavirus infection. The official names for the virus are: SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, or 2019-nCoV. One of the very first affected countries was Italy, with a mortality rate of over 10%

Charts and tables with data on infected people are built on the basis of data from various sources, such as: Johns Hopkins University, Worldometer, Стопкоронавирус.рф

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